The Black Cathedral (5 secrets)


You go down some stairs and end up in a library. Or whatever. One book sticks out. Push it, a bookcase swings open to reveal a secret room with a goodie.

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Two flights of stairs up from #1, a bit of zigzagging and to the right, you find a second 'library'. Just a bookcase, really. Push the stick-out book, the whole case slides to the right and let you enter a small goodie room.

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In the churchroom, stand up to the lectern. A red target shows itself at the ceiling. When you shoot it, one of the pews slide back and reveal a slipgate to a secret. If you think a bit, it's possible to slide down from the secret without inflicting damage.

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Opposite the gold door, up the steps, you find this room. One of the stones seem to stand on end. Shoot. You get a goodie.

The wall switch opens the bars that block access to the tower. It may be prudent to go up the stairs and cause some mayhem _before_ you push the switch.

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If you shoot the stone with the cross, a secret door will open, and some stairs slide forward. Goodie inside, and a shortcut to the exit.

Don't stand where i stood to take the picture. As i found out, the stairs will push you in the lava.

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Not really a secret, but...

...If you are not the religious kind (or don't give a damn about other people's religion), you *could* try shooting this Jesus in the face.

Now, that'll teach you some respect, infidel! I hope you forgot to save your game first.

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