The Catacombs (4 secrets)


Sneak across the stone bridge, but stop at the plank and turn around. A little exercise will get you a goodie. Bouncy, bouncy.

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Get inside the castle. Go to the torch at the end of this corridor - jump up and head-butt it. More European minds can give it a 'Liverpool Lullaby'. Secret door to goodies - and a bit of trouble - opens.

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Down the spiral stairs, just to the right of the gold-key door, a inverted cross is carved in the wall. Shoot it, a goodie will drop down from the ceiling.

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When you enter the blue-key door and go up the stairs, some little steps will emerge from the wall. Use them to get up to the ledge, enter the room and drop down the hatch. Some goodies get you will. Much good do you it will!
(signed: Mr.Yoda, Jedi master.)

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