Ancient Realms (8 secrets)


At the entry door is a giveaway button. Shoot it, and a secret door opens in the small pond.

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Inside, you walk down some wooden stairs, next to a flip-up door. An ambush awaits. Deal with it, and hit the riveted iron plate in the corner. It opens, and gives you a goodie.

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Open the flip-up door, then jump to it. A stone sticks out - push it and a secret room (with a goodie) opens. The back of the room is barred, this is another secret. More later.

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You have to push 3 buttons to get the blue key. The first is near the blue door. No problem. The second and third has secrets nearby.

Keep to the left on the top floor. First archway you reach, you get to this stairway. Shoot the button, and a goodie room (wich you ought to need badly) opens.

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Get back on the top floor, carry on to the left. Next arch leads to this. The button is hidden in the ceiling, behind the crossbeams. They open a secret room under the stairs. More goodies await. Use them wisely.

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Right inside the blue door, a Empathy Shield sits under a wooden platform. A very durable, wooden platform. The only thing that will shift it, is a rocket or grenade to the crossbeams. Everything else is a waste of time.

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After #6, you will find yourself in the same room as in secret #2 and #3 - just a bit higher up. Shoot the square stained-glass window for a goodie.

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Here is the exit - don't use it! Except to release the evil inside... Shoot the giveaway button over it, then return to secret #3. The bars has been drawn, you can now proceed to the secret level "The Gremlins Domain".

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