Military Complex (7 secrets)


At the starting point, jump in and go for a swim. When you can see the gold door, this button is over your head. Shoot. A lift will get you up to the secret.

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When you are past the mincer, and out of the well, go right to reach this area. In the ceiling of the sniper platform is a target switch. Shoot it, and ride the lift up to collect your secret.

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Finished with #2, get out of the other door, and jump over the side of the bridge. Collect secret. Get up the slope next to the building, a door will open to let you in. You will get a very warm welcome.

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From the platform overlooking the start area, jump on the railing, then down on the ledge. Quite a useful little secret

Just too bad you have to get past that damn mincer to get in again...

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I hope your jumping skills are up to scratch. Else you can polish them a bit here. When you hit the switch, a box with a goodie opens right next to you.

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After honing your jumping skills - and perhaps your first-aid skills as well - this door is open. Jump off the bridge (you have to anyway), and go under it. Useful secret here. Never mind you're wet, have a broken leg and a finely grated bottom...

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When you finally reach the ledges over the gold door, one wall texture is 'hanging' a bit. Shoot, and get a goodie.

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