E5M9: Realm of Iblis (4 secrets)


From the start, go around the outside of the cage to the right. From about half-way around, balance on the edge of the cage. Nearly the full way around (over lava, of course) the entrance to a secret room with goodies.

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Find the red door. Close to it, in a small cave, you will find a switch that lowers the platform leading to the red door. Activate the switch, ride the platform up. Jump down again (across the lava) and go back to the switch. A tunnel leading to goodies and trouble opens on either side of the switch.

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Get on the crown at the back of the castle. About halfway around, if you stand on the corner, there is a shootable switch. You will hear a door open behind you. To get to it, first jump forward - into the lava - to get the asbestos suit.

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Get the yellow key. In the back wall, there is a cave entrance. Secret room with goodies. You just have to... cross the lava!

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