E5M7: Nightmare Underworld (6 secrets)


The first secret is right inside the front door. Turn left. A wall panel has a bit darker grain than the rest. Tap it; a secret door.

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Inside #1, a face on the wall. Tap it. A trapdoor opens right behind you. Jump down for goodie.

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Gotten to here? Open the broken wall and go through it - drop down behind it. On the second step, a bit further ahead on the right, there is a open cave entrance. Goodies and a secret inside.

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Getting outside, on the left you find a big staircase. At the end of the second flight of steps, a narrow opening that you are _just_ able to sqeeze through (too many bacon butty's, eh?) - you will drop down to a narrow ledge. Follow it, and you will be in the secret room.

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Getting out from #4, a bit of the rock wall drops down - it's a lift. You can either slip through the hole to get back to the foot of the stairs - or ride it halfway up again. There is a ledge over the lava, to the opposite side of #4. Goodie inside.

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Continuing around the green building from the red key, far away, over much lava, you can see a green armour. Run like... the place where you already are. The armour is in front of a iron lift up to the start again. Don't ride it up, go behind it: there is a cave entrance. Inside, a secret room and goodies.

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Not a secret

As you grab the red key you will get... some visitors. If you head for secret #6, just before the lava, there is half a teleporter on the right. Use it, you get to a already-visited room from which you can safely snipe away at your unbidden guests.

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