E5M4: Paths of Wretchedness (5 secrets)


This map has a potential for curling the little hairs in your... ehh, on the lower part of your neck...

Go left. This patch of wall look quite innocent, but when you find the switch and raise the gangways, a bit of pathway rises here too. Cross over, get out on the newly-risen bit and enter the first secret room.

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The next one... turn left right in front of that wall. Secret cave with goodies.

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See that dark patch on the floor? It's a lift. When you have dealt with the disturbances, ride the lift down. A path leads to another lift (the secret) and to the goodie you spot above you.

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Right after the lift, before you reach the first headache room, you may, on the left, notice a tech room with a torch... and a corridor...

When you found the way into the room on the left, go to the lion's head on the wall and click it. It's a switch. Then wait a couple of seconds - now you can walk through it! Here's your secret...

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When you have all 3 keys and pass over the lava bridge, a trap (surprise, surprise) will open to the right, inside the cave. One of the walls has been sprayed with blood. Tap it, and you have the last secret.

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