E5M3: Cages of the Damned (4 secrets)


The first one is quite bothersome: it is a trick jump. Get to the fourth cage. You have to jump across to the ledge. Check the edge of the ledge and the cage platform - you have to jump across the absolute minimum distance. On landing, all that wil keep you from falling is the dirt under your toenails...

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After #1, carry on along the ledge. There is another eye-on-a-stick switch, opening a concealed door. Secret and goodies inside. Now go get that red key.

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Leaving the cage with the red key, just past the enterance door, there is a small room where you usually get attacked (It brings memories of Chief Inspector Closeau and Cato) - go to the back wall and tap it. Secret goodie inside.

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At the flickering cross, go left. A few goodies and a eye-on-a-stick switch. As soon as it is activated, you can see the exit. Just to the right of the cross another door has opened; secret with goodies.

As you enter the Exit room, you will hear a door open. Back in the secret room, a teleporter back up is available. Just in case you need to mop something up.

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