E2M3: Refinery (6 secrets)


Walk around the Cacodemon cage and take the door on the left - the one on the right gives soggy shoes. Walk past the blue door, and threequarters around the overgrown building. Across from the door to the room with the funny floor, a secret door.

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Inside the room with the funny floor, don't take the obvious exit. Soggy shoes. There is a secret door right next to the entry door.

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Inside the secret room, a door more. The door itself is the secret.

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From the secret room, carry on down the corridor until you reach a blood pit. Jump in. There is a stairway, not to heaven, but to some goodies - and a pretty good sniping position. However, if you haven't cleared a bit out in the opponents on the way in, it could give some scritches getting out again...

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Get inside the blue door, and make your way to... well, the next swamp. Jump in at the far right and do a 'U' turn around the wall to the right. Secret room. You need the contents.

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Exiting #5, there is a hole in the wall to the right. Get some speed on, the protection won't last forever. Get in, get goodies (but don't forget to look in the corners) and get out again on the double.

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