Lost Station (6 secrets)


Arriving at the Lost Station, you will find a paternoster type lift. Jump in the water, swim in the hole, and pick up the goodies. Beware of dog.

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Again, before you go on the lift, turn to the right and enter the little storage room. Climb the crates, jump to the other side and pick up your reward.

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Ride the lift down, and get off at the bottom station. Jump in the water, there is a giveaway button. Shoot it. A door will open behind you - enter and explore. Good time to go fishing.

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To get the red keycard, you have to shoot a giveaway button, and the floor will flip up. Underneath the floor is another secret. Go around in a hurry, you'll be able to get to it if you go fast.

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Go to the top of the stairs, and finish your discussion with the guards. Go to the end of the ledge, and shoot the giveaway button. When the guns stop shooting, go trough the door and jump in the water. The secret is inside the collapsed drainpipe.

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In the foot of the tower, underwater, is a shifty looking piece of wall. Shoot it, get in and get the goodies.

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