Tomb of the Overlord (4 secrets)


Down in the nailgun trap, the last nailgun has a different colour and don't shoot. Push it, and a secret door in the ramp opens. Watch your butt when you go past the shooters.

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After the steel bars are drawn, and you're down the shaft, there is a pillar with four "death" stained glass windows on it. The textures is reversed on one window. Shoot it, it opens. Goodie inside.

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In this room, jump from block to block - you can spiral your way up to a goodie. If this is troublesome, don't go into farming. You'll just get dizzy rotating the crops.

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Push the button to extend the drawbridge. Then jump into, water, and dive into the hole on the right. Goodie awaits. And you'll probably have clean toenails again.

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