Temple of Pain (5 secrets)


In the first building, jump down the well and swim underwater to a hallway. At the other end, a piece of wood sticks down from the ceiling. Jump up to headbutt it, and a teleporter opens.

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In the cemetry, there is a pentagram roof. Some steps stick out of the wall, jump them one by one. Goodie on top.

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To get the nice shiny Thunderbolt on the altar in front of the exit door, shoot the ugly face in the ceiling decoration. A step will come out of the lava.

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In the room behind the silver door, there's a Quad damage on the walkway. You can use the antigrav belt to reach it. Or a rocket jump. Fair enough, i think most players do it this way.
But the proper way to get to it is to run into the dead-end corridor on the right. Headbutt the cage lamp, and a teleporter opens at the end wall.

Thanks to Almos for revealing this one! I believe this is an original find!
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When you have fetched the gold key, return to this altar. Follow the opening underwater bars to get to the last secret.

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