The Nameless City (4 secrets)


Inside the door under the golden key is a switch on the wall - too high to reach. Use the small corridor opposite the switch to get a floor up. Run/jump to hit the switch.

A door opens a bit further down the corridor. Work your way trough. In the end, you'll end up in a room with a Shambler. There is a hole in the floor, drop down and you can get to a red armour.

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When you jump down from the Red Armour platform, you are on the same floor you used to get to the switch in #1. One of the holes in the floor is a deep well (clean the last hole out, please). A few feet down you'll find a ledge - and some company. Shoot the bit of wall, that has floor texture, and you open a goodie room.

Jump down to the next ledge, about halfway down. That's the secret.

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One step furter down (splotch) this cage awaits. First, go past it and ride all the lifts to the top - else you won't be able to end the level. Get down again. Push the wall switch - one of the top beams lowers. Use it as a lift. Get into the cage, press button #2, and ride a floor down. Shoot the red wall switch to get out

Just follow the path from there: you'll end up with the gold key. Take it to the end of the yard, open the gold door and receive the fabulous award.

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This is right inside the blue key door. Drop down trough the triangular hole. I guess you can find the way out on your own.

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