Azure Agony (9 secrets)


Beware of this Quad: it sits on a trap door, that will drop you in acid, right in front of the slipgate out. Endure the pain and run around the corner, a second slipgate will transport you to some goodies.

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Underneath these stairs is a switch. Press it, and take the slipgate out. Take the stairs down to the red brick room - a secret room is open now.

BTW, you have to shoot the red skylight to continue beyond this point.

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I have heard about serial killers, but serial secrets...?

It start in this room. Shoot the wall under the Pentagram of protection. Secret room with goodies....

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...Then shoot the wall under the Quad damage. A door slides aside, and give you access to a secret slipgate...

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...and actually entering the slipgate is yet another secret! It sends you to...

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...This ledge here. See the slit on the left? Stick a few grenades in there. It cures the Vore's breathing problem, and opens another secret room - goodies inside.

Jumping down from the platform, and entering the secret room counts as two seperate secrets...

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...You can alternatively get to the platform secret by shooting this switch. Whatever makes you happy!

Stand on the extra-wide wide step, and you can ride it comfortably up, when you shoot. Else you will have to walk the long, agonizing way around. Oh, it's hell to be a Marine.

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...Now, here is another secret...

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...and, right across from it, yet another one. See what i mean with 'serial'?

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