E4M2: Perfect Hatred (3 secrets)


After some initial trouble, you will stand before this teleporter. Walk up to it, but don't use it; tap the wall to the left, a concealed door will open. Grab goodies, go to the end of the room and tap the rightside wall. It opens to the rear side of the teleporter. Use it, it will send you to the secret.

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Get the blue key, unlock the blue column. From this point, you will need to be really fast on your feet. Get up the stairs, and across the plateau in front of the Cyberdemon, to the wooden door. You will hear something open behind you: a teleporter. Use it to telefrag the Cyberdemon. By some funny coincidence, when you splat the big guy, that's where the secret is.

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When you lower the steel wall to get out from #2, it opens a secret door - to the right, down at lava level. You need to dive in, and be pretty fast about it, as the door shuts again after a couple of seconds.

Behind the door: the entrance to the secret level E4M9: Fear.

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