E3M7: (Gate To) Limbo (4 secrets)


Go left from the start, inside the door and left again, past the big stone column. There is a few goodies behind that green, thick wall. When you get the goodies, a door will open in each end of the wall. More goodies, and some unpleasantries inside.

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A few steps further on you will stand in front of a blood pool - either right in front of the blue key, or you can see the blue key at a distance. Get to the distant pool. There is a skull switch; when activated, some walls in the stone column will drop. More goodies and unpleasantries.

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Get behind the blue doors, jump down to the underground maze. Go right. Second corridor from the left leads to a 'dry' area with a big goodie; this is the secret. The teleporter behind it is just a way out again.

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After getting the red key, go through the gate to the blue doors; take the blue door to the right. Inside the red tower in the corner, a red door with a teleporter leading to the last secret area.

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There are no secrets in E3M8: Dis.

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