E3M5: Unholy Cathedral (10 secrets)


From start, take the leftmost entrance. Just inside the door, tap the wall to the right. Secret room, after crossing over a smal lava puddle.

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From the secret #1, get back to the first room. Keep the entry to #1 on the left and proceed straight ahead. You may meet some... obstructions. In the third room, with the four columns, there is a big wooden door to the left. Get in there - a not very well hidden secret. Right across from the inner door, goodies, and a skull switch to get out again.

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At the top of the column room, 3 doors, 2 on the same wall. Take one of those. Carry on to the left. In the red room, there are two 'Y' markings on the wall. Between them: secret door - with a very useful secret!

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At the top of the red room from #3, a teleporter. It will beam you into the center of the open yard, facing North (on the Automap) and right behind you, a secret room with a yellow key opens.

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From #4, go east. There are some red... letters on the wall. Tap the wall to the right of the letters: secret room with goodies.

Get out from the yard again. I suggest the NorthWest corner. Step quietly off the landing pad, then back in. From there open one of the doors and continue - roughly from #3.

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If you followed my suggestion in #5 and opened the right-hand door, you are looking along a green corridor. At the first bend on the left, tap the wall. Secret room, with toxic waste on the floor, and with some stairs up to a window overlooking the red room.

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In the room with all the small crushers, click the skull switch inside the first crusher to the right. The backends of the six long, narrow room opens. One of them counts as a secret.

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Walk back out of the crusher room, to the left, and take the right-hand door out to the yard. You will teleport to the middle of the yard again. This time, a secret to the North (right in front of you) will open. NW corner again for getting out.

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Arriving from #8, take the _left_ door out. Go to the end of the corridor, and take the _right_ door. Again, you'll be beamed to the center of the yard. This time, a secret opens to your East, to the right.

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To get the last secret, you have to make your way to the SouthEast corner of the Column room (the one with secret #2) and go out in the yard from there. You can either take the same path as in #9, just the left door at the corridor end and 'hot-foot' it across the lava, or orbit the long way around. Or you could have done this much earlier.

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