Episode 4, Level 4: Secret Weapons Facility (4 secrets)


Shoot the gas bottles from a safe distance. When they blow, they will provide access to the storage area.

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After shooting the escaped "Lopers" (Does that sound like dutch for 'runners'?), one is still locked up. Find a very, very efficient weapon and waste the last one. Or prepare to get fried yourself. Then break the back wall of the containment cell, to get access to a secret.

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Secrets 3 and 4 are connected: it is necessary to solve #3 to reach #4.
Jump into the well and swim to the grate behind the pipes. Break the grate. Swim through, find a valve and turn the handle.

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After #3 is done, the area under a locked room with goodies have been flooded. Jump in, swim into the tunnel and up into the 'secret' room.

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