Episode 1, Level 1: Escape (7 secrets)


At the bottom of the stairs in the first tower there is a wooden partition carrying a "Munition" sign, right opposite the door. Break the partition for some ammo.

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Same tower, two floors higher, in the radio room: steal the binocular first. After that, destroy the pinboard, and the wall behind it - there is some hidden gold.
By the way, in this game, most items can be destroyed. Have your evil little fun.

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In the dormitory that you enter from the yard, there are some bad floor tiles. Break them.

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In a room with a broken floor, somebody shoots at you from below. Put the grunts out of their misery, drop down through the hole and break a hole in the bricked-up door opening.

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Yet another room with a fireplace. Look for a crooked-hanging unlit candleholder. Nudge it, and a secret room will open.

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A couple of doors further away, there is a big room with a few Nazis and a map board. Destroy the picture of Hitler, there is gold hidden behind it.
Just out of principle, always shoot Hitler! ;)

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You arrive at a 'U' shaped corridor with grey cutout stone wall arcs. Press the decoration to the left - the righthand one will open and reveal a secret room.

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