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It is not as easy to work with cheat codes in RtCW as in e.g. Quake or Quake II. This makes it more difficult to cheat in multiplayer games - that's a good thing - but, if you are completely stuck on Single Player mode, you may need it...

First, you need to allow cheats. It can't be done on a running server, you have to stop it and restart with the option "+set sv_cheats 1".

On my Linux server it looks like this:

./wolfsp +set sv_cheats 1

In M$ Windows it may (or may not) look like this:

c:\wolfenstein\wolfsp.exe +set sv_cheats 1

When the game has been started again, you can activate a cheat by pulling a terminal - that happens by pressing a "~" (a tilde).

then you can type your cheat code and hit 'enter' - e.g. type /god If the game accepted the code, it will tell you - in this case it replies with "God mode on", and you can close the terminal by pressing tilde again. You deactivate the cheat by typing it in again.

Some of the cheat codes are:

/god You can't get hurt or killed.
/noclip You can walk through walls, fly, or see the level from outside.
/notarget All enemies ignore you. Until you shoot at them!
/mapname Tells the name of the map you are playing.
/spdevmap mapname Sends you to the start of the level 'mapname' (use a real name here) - only in Single Player mode.
/give all Gives you all weapons and max. ammo.
/give ammo Gives full ammo.
/give armor Gives full protection. (No, not at a night on town!)
/give health Gives full health.
/give stamina Gives full energy.
/nofatigue You won't tire out.

Apart from that, there are individual codes for each weapon. The list may not be entirely correct:

/give grenade "Potato masher" Stielhandgranate Model 24
/give colt 45 Colt M1911 pistol
/give sten Sten Gun Mk.VIs
/give thompson Thompson M1A1 submachine gun
/give mp42 MP40 "Schmeisser" submachine gun
/give mauser rifle Mauser Karabiner 98k
/give fg42 Mauser Fallschirmjägergewehr 42
/give panzerfaust Panzerfaust 60 recoilless gun
/give flamethrower Either a M2A1-7 flamethrower or a Flammenwerfer 35...

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