Curse of Osiris (5 secrets)


Not a secret: there is a shootable button at the entrance. It opens a pit right underneath. Goodie inside.

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When you see the gravity belt, look to the ceiling right. There is a red button. Shooting it opens an room.

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No wonder that Pharaoh never found the Americas. Building a boat on first floor inside a stone block... Get on the port railing astern, you can see some steps. Get topside, and pick up a goodie.

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Upstairs, after the mazes, there is a cobra statue. Facing it is a obelisk with a red light. Shoot the light. The cobra moves, jump into the hole in the floor before it shuts again.

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There are another cobra/obelisk in the other end of the corridor. Same procedure...

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At the exit, shoot the left wall. Teleporter behind it, leading to the last secret.

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