Judgement Call (5 secrets)


From the start point, go to the ledge overlooking the cavern. Below you (and to either side) is another ledge with some goodies.

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Shoot the stained glass window. A small room to your left opens up, containing some armour.

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In the room that leads to the underwater passage, there's a red button up high on the opposite wall. Takes some gymnastics to get to it, so just shoot it from below. This opens up a pair of rooms with a radiation suit to your left, and some ammo to the right.

It seems to count as two secrets - one as you enter each room. Blimey.

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When you jump in the water, from the area in secret number 3, you'll see that one of the lights is flashing. Shoot the light - a wall underneath the water opens.

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To the left, through the gold door, an ogre will come out of the wall. Just jump up where he comes from.

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