Deviant's Domain (4 secrets)


Jump into the moat. There's a radiation suit down there, and one area underwater counts as a secret. The elevator out is to the right side as you jump in. I'm sure you will have clean toenails afterwards.

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The central structure inside the first building you enter contains a teleport at ground level. To get there, go up the ramp and trigger the elevator to go up, then jump off and duck underneath the elevator.

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After the silver key, you'll go down an elevator and have to jump over some acid. Or whatever that stuff is. Dive into that... whatever, and there's an enviro suit. Keep going up, there is a secret area with some goodies. Better return before the suit fails.

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At the far end of the second boat ride, get inside the building. Right inside, over the door, there's a shootable button. This gives you access to a goodie on the opposite bank - you'll see it pop up, if you look out of the door when you shoot.

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