The Gauntlet (6 secrets)


First secret is right inside the front door. Shoot the four faces, and a switch becomes visible, just about where you stand. Step on it, and you will get a pretty gift...

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Ride the big lift up. Shoot this face (is it only me, or does the wall decor in this game really lack a touch of 'home'?), and a small door opens in the opposite wall.

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See that nice little gift under the roof beams? Shoot the bit of wall on the right, and you can get to a suitable slipgate...

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This is a pretty good one. Jump to the ledge over the blue-key door. Push the brick that sticks out. Wait a moment, and the wall between the ledge and the platform opens. Jump again.

What on earth is that supposed to be? Shoot the button at the ceiling for more enertainment...

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When you arrive here (as you may deduct, i've been here a few moments) jump over the side. Swim trough the opening, get some secret stuff, and get teleported back on the bridge. If you are lucky, perhaps you'll telefrag somebody already there.

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Well, here it is - the last secret in 'Scourge Of Armagon'. Walk up to that innocent-looking bit of wall, and just lean against it. It opens like a garage door. Creaky.

Now you just have to survive some minor problems, and... Well, what's next?

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Not a secret, but...

When you have finished here - the blue key is right up the slanted walkway from here - go for a (yuck!) real bloodbath. Yep, jump in. Hope you like the taste. Swim under the walkway. When you reach the other side, a goodie and a slipgate waits for you.

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