Tur Torment (6 secrets)


Before you start shooting anybody, walk out where the raillift lands, and follow the ledge around the corner. Secret room. Goodies. Gee wiz.

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Get up to the tower, and fight your way up. "Up" is to the left inside the front door. "Left" is... never mind! A button is on the ceiling - shoot it, and the picture of the guy with the eye problem opens underneath.

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When you arrive on the tower roof, jump overboard. Hit the lift track. Even though the acid underneath cleans your toenails, i won't recommend it. Run to the bend, then jump over to the cliff ledge.

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From #3, carry on down on the roof. Go to the far edge and look down. Get down on the roof on the small back-building to get the goodie.

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In this level, you will find two blue key doors. In front of the topmost blue-key door, in the tower, these three pretty faces decorate the wall. Push the rear one - it swings back and leads you to a useful object.

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Right inside the same blue-key door, this is what you see. Shoot the stone with the symbol ("x" marks the spot), and two stones slide out of the wall - for a little while. Jump across to reach the ledge, and the goods stashed there.

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Again, not a secret!

From #3, you can also climb up! Along this narrow ledge, you can get up over the top of the tower. A message will appear - the moment this happens, jump! Or else!

Isn't 'Save Game' a great thing?

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