Termination Central (5 secrets)


The dark part of this wall is smooth - the rest has rivets. Shoot the smooth part. Secret inside.

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In the room with the big acid pool, jump down next to the exit doors. If you fall in the acid, there is a lift underneath. Goodies inside.

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Same acid lake, just the far wall. Jump in the acid here, swim into the tunnel. There is a secret room inside.

This may hurt.

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These computers stand right next to the gold door. Get on top of the pile (always a problem with computers) and shoot the misaligned part of the wall. The exit from this secret room is right next to the gold key.

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Right under the gold key is a secret - a Quad damage. Jump over to the ledge to get to it. The jump is not easy, but if you knock your head and fall a floor down, the plate marked on the floor is a lift. Ride it up again, and jump from it.

Use the Quad to eliminate all resistance on your way trough the gold door.

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