The Installation (7 secrets)


Dive off the bridge. Go to the far-left corner. There is a hole in the roof, some armour inside.

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In the room with the golden key is two slanted grids. The lefthand one, seen from the golden key, has some steps. The wall above have a walk-trough texture as door.

Watch yer ass when you grab the key.

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Exiting from secret #2, jump in the small pool. It leads to another secret, goodies, and a slipgate.

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Going trough the gold key door, to the right is a large lake. In the middle, on the bottom is a drain cover. Shoot it. Swim down when it opens. The corridor leads to a room with goodies, and a slipgate. Don't use the slipgate, before you collected secret #5...

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...Go back down the submerged channel. Right under the drain cover you opened to get secret #4, is another drain cover in the side of the wall. Shoot it, and return to the slipgate room. Another secret room has opened there.

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Get to the area, where a big steel cage encloses some computers. For your own good health, shoot the dogs before you open the door. Behind the first lift is a small room with ammo. Inside, on the left, is a lamp. Shoot it, a secret door opens.

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Take the lifts to the top of the cage. Jump inside, and down to the bottom. You will find some armour there.

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