The Slipgate Complex (6 secrets)


Fresh off the slipgate, turn right and jump on the ledge with the flashing light. Shoot the wall with the red markings.

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Take the lift down and clear the bridge. Jump in the water and get into the cave. Never mind the super health pack. Continue along the righthand wall. A lift will bring you up to the blue armour behind secret #1.

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Take the round trip again - enter the door across the bridge and turn right. On the column is a earth picture on a monitor. Shoot it, the floor lifts you to the ledge. Shoot the next monitor, and a secret door opens.

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To the left inside the door is a big room. Go up the stairs, you end on the edge of a acid pool. Touch the button, and a plate covers the acid. Halfway across, inside a hole in the left wall, is a target marking. Shoot it, and a secret door opens.

By the way, across the acid and to the right, just before the slope is a different-textured bit of wall. That's the back door to secret #3.

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This one is a good test of your jumping abillities. Halfway down the slope, jump on the handrail. Then on to the lamp and the switch plate. Finally a really long one, aiming for the lowest step on the side of the hi-tech treehouse.

One wrong step and... Well, at least you'll be clean!

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Finish your exchange of opinions with the local guys, then go to the end of the slope, under the 'treehouse'. Behind one of the supports is a biosuit. Grab it, jump overboard into the acid. Swim under the door, and follow the tunnel to the circular opening. Above it is some health, a yellow armour and a teleporter.

Either go outside and jump in the water - pick up the Big Health kit, shoot the wall behind it and you are at the exit slipgate - or, if afraid of water, walk around again. Shoot the wall to the right, as you come up the slope in front of the slipgate, then you can pick up the Big Health kit dry-footed.

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