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As the creators of RtCW has made their work freely acessable to us, i think the only proper license for my 'works of art' is the GPL3: Gnu public license.

In short, with GPL you can use anything you like from my map code, modify it as you like, even take money for it. You just have to do two things in return: give me credit for my work, and release your own code!

The maps may contain objects or elements from the original game. These can of course not be sublicensed by me - if you wish to use these, please see the license for the original game.

24 June 2003

I have, after over a year of fiddeling, finished my small RtCW Single Player map, 'Start'.

Click for larger version       Click for larger version

I hope to make this the first of a series, but i don't know if i'll ever get it done... i work so damn slow. The map is available for download in a compiled version, for normal players, and mappers are welcome to download the uncompiled .map file as well.

'Start' can be downloaded here (1.4 Mb) in the ready-to-play version, and the raw .map file (216 Kb) for the GtkRadiant editor is here. There is a .txt file included with the precompiled file, containing various information, credits, story line and play information.

I hope you enjoy it.

04 July 2003

We had a funeral in the family. Very depressing. I had to do something to work myself out of the gloom, the result is this little map. It's a railroad shack / control tower / whatever thingy. It looks very german, but the original stands on the harbour in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Click for larger version

It took roughly 40 hours to put this little map or prefab or whatever together. Use it for whatever you like - e.g. a sniper stand - Just stick to the GPL (see link above).

The map is here.

09 July 2003

Hm. Somebody liked the European railroad bits. Well, that animated me to create this:

Click for larger version

If this engine exists in real life, i don't know about it... This is a mix of a old Preussian T3, a post-war german type 91, and a swedish Nydqvist from 1915-16. The red/white/red band on the funnel indicates the Danish State Railways (DSB), but the red color on the chassis and the drive rods is very german. In other words, pure imagination.

As always, use it as you please - it's GPL (link above). And, if you use it, i would be grateful to know about it. Beware, it's a real framerate killer...

The map is here.

22 December 2008

I'ts been a while since i released anything. This is again a replacement for the 'Escape1' map.

Click for larger version

What does a bored mapper do, stuck in his new creation, out of ideas? Remake of DoomE1M1. But, hang on, what started the whole FPS genre?

Of course. Wolfenstein 3-D. Here is my small tribute to this wonderful old game - and the many hours i played it.

I got some help with scripting, entity placement and beta testing by Vicpas ("The Fortress") from Brazil, and Mazedude from California has allowed me to use his remake of the original W3D music, "Nazi Requiem".

The map is here. The source code here. It is, as usual, under the GPL.

The MD5sum's are:

I have written a tutorial: "The 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' beginners AI scripting HOWTO". Currently, it is in version 0.1.1, and there is still some work to be done before final release (when it changes to ver. 1.0.0). Everybody is welcome to download it - if there is ideas for improvement, bugs or whatever, please mail me.

The tut is here, in zipped format.

The Hogwarts "Defence Against the Dark Arts" classroom

Can the community create a free 'Harry Potter' game?

In short, no.

I asked "The Leaky Cauldron" for help - i wanted to re-create Hogwarts' DADA classrom as a level for RtCW or ET. I got some help - thumbs-up and thanks to Radix_lecte. It was no good, i got the room dimensions all wrong: it's too short, too narrow and too high. And all the intricate decorations, the roof beams etc is just a fuzzy mess on my old video's still-picture.

Well, here is a few screenshots. This is just a 'slap-up' map, done in about 8- 10 hours. I can do better, but i need proper documentation to do so. A lot of the details are missing or plain wrong - but i was just attempting to show: it can be done. Click for larger images.

Click for larger image   Click for larger image   Click for larger image

You can download the map here. Instructions for loading it is enclosed. I don't know why, but i made this level for RtCW and not ET. Me being stupid, i guess.

It would have taken a lot of team effort. It will take many hours to recreate Hogwarts - Or Diagon Ally, or Hogsmeade - and to re-skin the characters and the game engine, to replace guns and ammo with wands and spells, and work out some good plots for the game. Perhaps JKR would have liked to donate a few unused ideas?

At "The Leaky Cauldron" everybody feared most trouble would come from Warner Bros. They have 'bought' Harry from JKR. And they are not known to be very easy-going with 'their' intellectual property. In the end, nobody dared mapping for the project. Nobody dared even asking WB for permission.

So, the project died. The above map is the only one made. If you can use it for something else, please do so. GPL as usual.

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